Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cotton Baby Hat

A frequently asked question at Stitch DC and probably any knit store is "how do I knit a baby hat?"  Hats for babies are great gifts.  In the hot months, make a cotton one and then make another in merino or alpaca for colder months.  Pick bright colors and enjoy an evening of easy knitting to start and finish a newborn hat. 

Here is a free pattern from Stitch DC for an easy summer cotton hat.  Valerie had fun with a crazy top.  You know I would have put a giant pom-pom.  You decide or just make one of each and share!

1 skein Blue Sky Cotton (or any worsted weight yarn including Karabella Zodiac, Karabella Aurora 8, BLue Sky Worsted or Spud and Chloe Sweater)
For Squiggles 2 additional colors but just scraps of yarn less than 25 yards each.
US 6 double pointed needles
Stitch Marker
Darning needle

5 stitches and 6 1/2 rows equal 1 inch in stockinette stitch

S (newborn to 4 months), M (4-9 months), L (12 to 24 months), XL (24-36 months)

Cast on 60 (70, 90, 110) stitches, place marker & join round taking care not to twist. 
Knit in the round in stockinette stitch for 3 (3 1/2, 4, 4 1/2) inches
Start decreases as follows:
Decrease Round 1: *k8, k2tog repeat from * across round
Round 2 and all alternative rounds:  Knit even
Round 3: *k7, k2tog repeat from * across round

Round 5: *k6, k2tog repeat from * across round

Round 7: *k5, k2tog repeat from * across round

Round 9: *k4, k2tog repeat from * across round

Round 11: *K3, k2tog repeat from * across round

Round 13: *K2, k2tog repeat from * across round

Round 15: *k1, k2tog repeat from * across round

Round 17: *k2tog repeat from * across round

Cut thread leaving 6 inches, using the darning needle pull thread thru existing stitches and cinch them together to close the top of the hat.  Secure and weave in the remaining thread on wrong side (inside the hat).  Weave in any other loose ends. 

Crazy Squiggles Version:
Cast on on ten stitches
Cast off nine stitches, leaving one stitch on the needle.
Repeat the last two steps at least 5 times then bind off all stitches. 
Repeat two more times with different colors.  Then attach and sew on top.
Pom- Pom Version:
Using a medium size pom-pom maker, follow direction for your pom-pom maker and attach to top. 

More Fun hat patterns can be found in these books:

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