Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Letty Sideways Scarf

Thank you Letty Shapiro for sharing this beautiful scarf/cowl and for teaching the Brioche Stitch on Sunday. I made my version and made some adjustments so I'm posting two versions of this pattern today-- Letty's Original and Marie's Remix.

1 skein Twinkle Soft Chunky (about 100 yards of super chunky yarn)
Size 17 needles
Darning Needle
Optional: 2 big buttons

Cast on 32 stitches
Purl one row.
Next row: k1, *yo, slip 1, k1 repeat from * to last stitch k1 -- (47 stitches on needle)
All following rows: k1, *yo, slip 1, k2tog (you're knitting the slip stitch and the yo from the previous row, they stitch looked crossed on the needle), repeat from *to last stitch k1
Work until scarf measures 10” tall
Next row: k1, *slip 1, k2tog repeat from * across row to last stitch, k1.
Bind off all stitches loosely.
Letty's version (photo in Black): Sew side seams, weave in ends and enjoy!
Marie's Remix (photo in Lavender): weave in ends, sew two buttons (no need for button holes as the stitches are so big) and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I'm excited that I finally got the chance to pop into the Stitch DC store last night. Thanks for posting this pattern!! I'm excited to try it out. =D

Anonymous said...

I have tried starting this pattern twice and I just can't get to 47 stitches on that first row after the purl row. Both times, when I am quite certain I followed the pattern perfectly, I landed at 42 stitches. Has anyone else had this issue?


Marie from Stitch DC said...

It really is 47 stitches. You increase 15 stitches. You repeat the slip 1, yo, k1 15 times across the row -- adding 15 stitches plus the original 32 -- gives you 47.

Please try again. The first row adding in those additional stitches is a tricky one but once completed, the pattern flies off of the needles.


Anonymous said...

Marie - Thanks for the encouragement! I get to 47 if I start the row with a k1 then repeat "yo and slip 1" over and over and over until the last stitch is a k1. Is that how to correctly read the pattern? When I counted that is 15 yo thus adding 15 stitches. Sound right?


Anonymous said...

I have tried the first row 6 times and I keep getting 42 instead of 47. I am sure I have counted correctly. Is this a typo?