Sunday, February 8, 2009

February Blanket Square

(multiple of 12 sts plus 3)
Row 1 (RS) K2, *yo, k2tog, k3, yo, k1, yo, k3, SKP, yo, k1; rep from *, end k1.
Row 2 and all WS rows Purl.
Row 3 K2, *k1, yo, k4tog, yo, k3, yo, SK4P, yo, k2; rep from *, end last k1.
Row 5 K2, *k1, k2tog, yo, k5, yo, SKP, k2; rep from *, end k1.
Row 7 K2, *k2tog, yo, k7, yo, SKP, k1; rep from *, end k1.
Row 9 K1, k2tog, *yo, k9, yo, sl 1-k2tog-psso; rep from *, end rep SKP, k1.
Row 10 Purl.
Rep rows 1-10.

For test swatch, cast on 27 stitches and work 10 rows.
Measure swatch for gauge and then cast on for your blanket square.
Each finished square should measure 12" x 12"

YO: yarn over
K2tog: Knit next two stitches together – Decrease 1
K4tog: knit next four stitches together
SK4P Sl next 4 sts knitwise, one at a time, insert LH needle into fronts of these sts and k them tog.
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Mary said...

In Row 1, what are the instructions for the SKP abbeviation?