Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Knitting, Crochet, Sewing & Quilting Classes at Stitch DC


To Learn about new classes, just visit us at Stitch DC . Looking for another class or new technique let me know or sign up for an independent study class!


Beginner Classes
This is where we start. Also a great refresher course. Three sessions total. Learn to knit, purl, stockinette stitch, seed stitch, cast on, bind off. $80/plus materials.
Too many to list... GO TO THE CLASS CALENDAR....  If you are groupon certificate holder, just sign up and fill in your groupon number when asked.  Thanks!

Learn to Knit With Stitch DC....

QUICK LEARN TO KNIT: Schedule can't fit in three session. Try this class. It's Stitch DC signature crash course. Learn to Knit FAST: $35 dollars plus materials. You'll learn the knit stitch and be on your way to making a Scarf!

Learn to Crochet FAST: 1 hour class from $15 dollars plus materials. You'll learn the a simple granny square and be on your way to making a Blanket! DATES TO BE ADDED

Learn to Sew:  using Stitch DC's newest pattern, Spring Sewn Blanket. Oonagh is loving her blanket at right!  This is a perfect quick intro to sewing with a machine. We have machines that you can use during class or bring your own. $55 includes materials.  We have tons of sessions.  Pick one class and get start sewing!

Each workshop consists of three 1.5 hour classes over 6 weeks. There is homework. We provide sewing machines at the store and you can use the store machines up to another 2 extra hours weekly during business hours (by appointment) to complete any extra homework.
These are beginner quilting class.
Class fee: $90 per workshop plus materials. All materials are available at Stitch DC and you receive a 10% discount off all materials used in the class.
Teacher: Marie
Dates and Classes to be added for January, February and March

Already Know How to Sew, Knit or Crochet... here are some more classes to inspire and educate...

Knit Mittens:
Mittens, just easy mittens. Any size flip top or not. Learn how to knit in the round, make a thumb and decrease for the top. Using bigger yarn, this mitten can be finished in the 2 hour class!

Knit a Sweater:
I've chosen three different patterns. One Easy for first time sweater knitters, one intermediate and one challenging. This class is designed for anyone who knows how to knit and purl. The rest is what we go over in class!
March Sessions:
Men's Sweater -- Tuesdays
Cables  -- Saturdays

Learn to Knit Lace Quick (and make a wam scarf):

Learn to Knit a simple lace leaf motif in this crash course. If you know how to knit and purl, this class is for you. All you need is about 120 yards of Superchunky yarn and big needles (all available at the store with a 10% class discount!) and you'll be half way thru the scarf by the end of class.

Learn to Knit Cables in this crash course using one of Stitch DC most popular scarf projects. If you know how to knit and purl, this class is for you.   The scarf is one long cable anchored with big pompoms.  All you need is about 120 yards of Superchunky yarn and size 15/17 needles (all available at the store with a 10% class discount!) and you'll be half way thru the scarf by the end of class

Learn to Knit socks from the toe up and short row heels. You can chooe from double points, two circulars or magic loop.

We'll be going slowly and talking about each step, so feel free to register even if you've never worked in the round before. If you can knit and purl, this class is for you!
Three 1 hour sessions:


Knitting Out Loud said...

Wish I could come! Your class roster is wonderful! (But I love living in Maine!)

Anonymous said...

Marie, would you consider adding another cabled beret class in April? I wasn't able to sign up for the March class. Thx!!

Anonymous said...

Love the classes - one little wish/request...could you schedule a little further in advance...so can arrange work schedule around craving to knit! Also, agree with above poster - another cable knit chat class would be fantastic please!

Anonymous said...

A class calandar would be super dooper!!!

Anonymous said...

Can you schedule another quilt piecing class soon? I am so, so interested, but the dates didn't work for me!

Lexilooo said...

Just discovered that you have quilting classes too! Please have more, I seem to have missed all of these!

Anonymous said...

Yep! I'm another student interested in a quilting class, after the Holiday Season is behind us. Please add another set of basic quilting classes!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi I was wondering if you were going to add any quilting classes soon!!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to a sewing class schedule please!