Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring Sewn Blankets

Oonagh and Cole needs light blankets for nap time at daycare.  Sometimes I send my knitted blankets but with weekly washing and carting them back and forth, I decided I needed to make something a bit lighter and easier to care for.  So when we received new fleece at the store I knew what I had to make.  I took 1 yard each of a soft cotton and soft fleece and made a light, soft nap blanket.  This would be a great first sewing project.  You can make it in 2 hours with a sewing machine or take your time to perfect your hand stitches.

Here are the instructions for machine sewing:

Materials (all available at Stitch DC):
1 yard soft fleece
1 yard cotton
coordinating cotton thread

Cut 1 yard each of your two fabrics.  Trim selvedges off and square off to 36" x 40" squares. 

With right sides facing together, sew three sides with a 1/4" seam allowance.  On fourth side, sew leaving 5" opening in the center of the seam.  Remember to backstitch at beginning and end of all seams.

Pull blanket inside out thru 5" hole.  Now with right sides facing, machine or hand sew 5" opening closed. 

Now for some fun, if your machine has fancy stitches, you can run a winding stitch along all four sides.  I did this 1" from edges.  Or you could hand stitch long stitches approximately 1" in from all edges. 



DP said...

Cute! And is the adorable baby included too?

blankets said...

Thanks for the tips and the guidance.i am trying to get back with the sewing machine after ages and it feels so good to be back with it again.

lindagerig said...

are you still going to do the tuturial about the bib? the one with the t shirt from last week.