Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Again

It's monday morning after a snow and sale weekend which means lots of cleaning and organizing.

First clean the floors at the store. I know I'll be doing this all week until this mess melts away not to mention the possibility of more snow on Tuesday night.

Next, orders. Even in the driving snow, we were busy this weekend. So now it's time to replenish stock. Luckily I had ordered a bunch just before the sale so our Cascade 220 wall should be fill by thursday. Next to call Blue Sky for more yarns (even after placing a sizable order last thursday). And of course needles.

Here is our Going Out Guide to classes this week...
  • Monday from 6:30 to 7:30 indie study. Bring in your projects and get expert help on anything knitting, sewing or crochet.
  • Tuesday from 6:30 to 8:00 starts our Beginner Knitting Session (if you'd like to sign up or sign up for next session in March, just email me marie@marieconnolly or call me at the store 202.544.8900)
  • Tuesday is also our first quilting class. We are full for this class but posting more class options on Wednesday.
  • Thursday from 6:30 to 8:00  Knitting with Tanis Gray.  What to expect after the beginner class.  Tanis explore more knitting techniques.
  • Thursday is also the second session of How to Crochet.  We are working on granny squares.  Wanna join, just call the store to sign up. 
  • I'm working on weekend events which will include TWO free workshops on sunday-- one sewing and one knitting.  Stay Tuned!
Just a reminder, wednesday nights are our late night for shopping and socializing. We are open to 8:30pm.  Come in and enjoy some good company. 

Also, the sale continues.  I decided to give those of you who stayed in over the weekend because of snow and opportunity to save too.  Everything is at least 15% off.  The best deal in the house... Super cashmere regularly $50/skein is $10!

Thanks again.  And Happy Monday!

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