Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday News

Sorry a little late posting this today. Ran this morning so still trying to figure out new morning schedule with kids in school, exercise routine, household chores and store updates. Follow me on Twitter for more updates.

First, Independent Study is tonight. Bring your projects and questions, and I'll help you get some answers and finish those projects.

Next, project updates. 1.
Almost finished with one of the projects I started on Friday. Quincy from Jared Flood's (aka Brooklyntweed) new booklet, Made In Brooklyn. Also available as an individual download via Raverly.

Ishbel from Ysolda. Pretty lace scarflette made in Jade Sapphire Silk Cashmere. Almost to the lace section. The stockinette increase section goes quick. Gotta figure out quiet time for working on lace. 7 month olds or 2.5 year olds and Lace do not mix well.

3. Rosamund from Interweave Knits. See previous post, not much further. This is my hardest part of a sweater. Just got to knit. The interest is waning. But looking forward to a pretty sweater. You can feel Fall in the air today.

Lastly, Stitch DC is hiring some new staff for the Fall. If you are intersted, just email me at

photo credits: Brooklyn Tweed, Classic Elite, Ysolda Teague

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