Monday, March 30, 2009

A bit of sad news

A bit of sad news today, this past Sunday was the last day of business at our current Georgetown location. There is no change at Capitol Hill – our original and flagship store.

Why am I closing Georgetown? The story is like that experienced by so many other small local businesses in Georgetown. The lease was up for renewal. Our building sold in January. The new landlord wanted dramatically more rent for our little space. In the end, we could not come to terms. So I decided that I like Grey Yarn better than Grey Hair.

Now looking forward, I can focus all my time on giving you all more great free class sessions on weekends. I can pack the Hill store with more yarn. It will be one stop shopping. And Auntie (my sister), Alan and I will pursue adding a Coffee/Tea bar to Capitol Hill. We’ve always wanted to do this. The Courtyard just begs to be used. So now I can focus my attention on that.

Closing Georgetown is sad for me. I love that little space. But I am excited about the future. I look forward to seeing you all at the Capitol Hill store. And with your continued support and inspiration, I look forward to opening again soon in NW. But for now, see you on Cap Hill!


Anonymous said...

Sad that the paint job was only there for 3 months. It really pretty made the place brighter. Sad to see it go.

Anonymous said...

So sorry! That was the store I always went to. Will be harder to make it to capitol hill but will try to make the effort.

Lara said...

So sad! That was the store I always went to. May I suggest the space formerly occupied by Candida's World of Books at 14th and Q Sts. NW, or former space of 100% Mexico across the street betwen Q and Corcoran? Great neighborhood!