Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stash YOTM Club 2009

Yes, there will be Stash Club in 2009. A few changes have been made to the club as we learned alot this year.

The club is Stitch DC's way of sharing interesting fibers, enough to do a single skein project, from new and/or exciting dyers and companies. This past year we featured fibers from Three Irish Girls, Kollage, Tilli Tomas just to new a few. In 2009, I will be hunting for more fibers and yarnies to support thru Stash Club Acquisition.

Here are the details....

* 6 month club -- delivery every 2 months starting in January (so that is January, March, May, July, September, and November)
* Interesting fibers with patterns. We are trying to see if we can get a few projects commissioned by up-and-coming designers. But either way, the patterns will be formatted, tech edited and supplied with the mailing each shipment. And the patterns will not be only socks. This past year, we made cowls, hats, socks, slippers and market bags
* On-time delivery. This is something we wrestled with this year. By making it 6 deliveries, we will more time for deliveries and test knitting, etc. Our goal is to have it out by the 15th of the scheduled month.
* Monthly newsletters. This yarn will be delivered every other month, but to keep everyone in the loop, we will have a GREEN monthly newsletter sent via email. This will keep you informed of upcoming shipments, share STASH FOs, and include special insider info about store events, promotions, etc.

If you are interested, the price is $125 for the year subscription. As most of you know last year's response was tremendous. We had over 175 members of the Stash Club. This year to improve systems, there are only 100 membership slots.

If you are interested, please call 202.544.8900 to sign up.


stasher1 said...

Hi Marie, I am so glad you didn't let all the negative people on Ravelry complaining about late shipments and communication issues stop you from offering the club again. It sounds like you've learned a lot from the issues encountered in the first year. Hooray for another year of stashing!!!

Marie at Stitch DC said...

thanks! I did learn a lot. First and foremost is setting reasonable expectations and striving to exceed them with each delivery. Thus the changes and improvements. Now I have to finish shopping for January's first stash installment :)

Mira said...

Sounds like I was the first one to sign up by phone! Thanks for doing the club again, Marie -- I'm excited about the upcoming year's yarns and patterns. And now that it's every other month, maybe I can actually keep up with the stash yarns this time :-)


Anonymous said...

So does this mean that 2009's yarns will not include selections from big, established yarn companies like Cascade (which is nice, but not new/exciting)?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad this is continuing. I've learned a lot trying projects I never would have bothered with. I've already signed up!