Friday, May 6, 2011

Eco Cloud Knitting

Every season, we try out a few new yarns.  Some become old favorites like Blue Sky Worsted and other are more like summer flings, fun for the season but not a lasting affair.  I think I may have found another favorite for seasons to come... Cascade Eco Cloud.

When the first shipment of Eco Cloud arrived, we were busy making swatches for a baby blanket made with Blue Sky Cotton.  I think we caught the blanket fever and thought a swatch blanket knit with four colors of the Eco Cloud would be a lovely and distinctively mature option for a baby blanket for the store.  Maureen jumped at the opportunity to start knitting. 

Maureen gets to knit and I promised to sew all the swatches together.  We'll be all set for another chilly winter. 

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