Monday, December 6, 2010

Surprise Hat

Surprise hat
This hat is made with one skein of Tilli Tomas Mystery Ball.  We have a bunch in stock and so fun and pretty!  I call it a surprise hat for two reasons:  1.  because the yarn changes every 10-15 yards and so each skein is a bit of a surprise mixing silks, boucle, beads and ribbons and 2) because at this time of year, we are often surprised and need an extra gift for someone who surprised you with a thoughtful gift. 

Here is the pattern.  Enjoy!

Tilli Tomas Mystery Skein
US 9 16" circulars.
US 9 double pointed needles
darning needle

Cast on 70 stitches on US9 16" circulars.
Knit every row for the first yarn type, when the yarn changes switch to purl every row.  And just switch back and forth as the yarn changes in the skein. 
When the hat measures 7" start to decrease as follows:  (note, you may need to change to double pointed while decreasing)
DECREASE ROW 1:  *k3, k2tog, repeat from * to end.
All alternate rows, knit.
Decrease row 2: *k2, k2tog, repeat from * to end
Decrease row 3: *k1, k2tog, repeat from * to end
Decrease row 4: *k2tog repeat from * to end.
Cut yarn and using a darning needle pull yarn thru existing stitches , cinch and secure on the inside. 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this with us. It is just the right time of year to knit such an adorable hat.