Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quilt Progress

So last week, I picked up one of our custom made Jelly Rolls and a charm packet and started to make a quilt for this upcoming class.  I cut the jelly rolls into 3.5" pieces and 8" pieces.  Then I started to sew. 

The individual quilt squares looked like this

I just kept making square and pressing them until I had 25.
Next I arranged, and rearranged, and rearranged again the twenty five squares until I was pleased with the distribution and predetermined randomness of the quilt top.  Here is what it looks like now.
Quilt progress

Next step is sew the rows together.  If you are interested in learning more about how to make a jelly roll quilt or just find out what is a quilting jelly roll (hint... nothing to do with a bakery).  Sign up for the class.  And the best is I have tons of fabric left over to make matching shams or a small (crazy quilted) garment for Oonagh. 

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