Monday, April 12, 2010

Free Pattern for a new Two at a Time Sock and a Class Announcement

So, I like double pointed needles. But I'm willing to try new things, I had some time this monday morning and I said I was going to try this new fangled sock method... two at a time on magic loop.  To the left is my picture of socks in progress.  I'm making the smallest size and just footies so I think I might be finished by tomorrow. 

I wanted to practice this method so I could teach a class at the store.  I like that fact that both socks will be the same without counting rows.  I think this would also be a great skill that can be adapted to two sleeves on magic loop.  That's more my speed. 

So here is a simple pattern designed originally for double points.  In the class, I'll show you how to cast on two socks at the same time, work using magic loop and finish two socks at the same time.

The class is two 2-hour sessions and is scheduled for  May 13 and 20th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm / $55 plus materials... Click here to register for the class.

US 1 dpn (or 40" circ if working in magic loop for the class)
Approximately 400 yards of fingering weight yarn (I'm using the new Swan Island fingering in GREEN)
Darning Needle

Gauge: 8 stitches equal 1 inch

Sizes:  Small (Medium, Large)
Small = 6 women
Medium 7-8 1/2 women
Large: 9-10 women

Cast on 40 (60, 80) stitches, place marker and join round taking care not to twist stitches.
Knit for 4 rounds
Purl 1 round
Knit until leg of sock measures 1" from cast on edge.

Knit 20 (30, 40) and turn.
Purl 20 (30, 40) and turn.

Next Row Sl1, K1 across.  [just the heel flap stitches  -- 20 (30, 40)]
Repeat these 2 rows till you have worked 28 rows ending with a right side row facing
Knit 12 (17, 22), SSK. K1. Turn.
Sl1, P5, P2tog, P1. Turn.
Sl1, K across to the gap, SSK, K1. Turn
Sl1, P across to the gap. P2tog  P1. Turn.
Repeat the last two rows until all heel flap stitches have been worked.

With right side facing, knit across heel flap, pick up 14 stitches along selvage edge of flap and place marker, knit across 20 (30, 40) stitches from front of sock, place marker, pick up 14 stitches along selvage edge of heel flap.  place another marker -- make it a different color because this is the beginning of the round now.

Now we are back to working in the round.
Round 1: Knit to three stitches before marker, k2tog, k1, slip marker; knit to second marker, slip marker, k1, ssk knit to end.
Round 2: knit all stitches
repeat last two rounds until back to original number of stitches -- 40 (60, 80)

Work in the round until sock measures 2 1/2" less than lenght of foot.  Try it on for fit and I always make it a big shorter to allow for sock stretch.

Toe Decreases
Decrease round:

Round 1: k1, ssk knit to last three stitches on second double pointed needle (or first needle on magic loop), k2tog, k1.  Repeat on third and fourth needles  or second needle on magic loop)
Round 2: Knit all stitches in round.
Until 8 stitches remain.
Graft live stitches together and enjoy

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