Friday, March 26, 2010

Inspired by the Cherry Blossom... A free sock workshop this weekend.

I remember looking at this book a while ago.  I'm not a big sock knitter.  But I liked these.  I think it's the photo and the yarn weight that draws me in. 

The pattern is called TATAMI.  These socks are named after the woven straw matting called tatami that is used as a floor covering in Japan. The main stitch pattern of this sock, while obviously knitted, looks woven. Today tatami are quite common in Japan, but when they originated in the seventh century, they were a luxury reserved for the wealthy; the lower classes covered their dirt floors with fabric mats. The tatami had two layers filled with rice straw and decorative fabric bindings.

The pattern is free here.  The Saturday and Sunday workshop is FREE with the purchase of materials on Saturday and Sunday from 1-4 pm.    And we got in new BAMBOO yesterday that I think will work up beautifully.  Nirvana is 100% bamboo from Feza with 252 yards for $11.00 each in pretty and vibrant colors.  Bring or buy your needles US 2 dpns or US2 circs at least 32" long. 

Learn some basic sock skills and make a beautiful pair of TATAMI socks.

ALSO, we are continuing our MARCH knitalong, the Yggdrasil Blanket from Interweave Knits this weekend.  This is a big beautiful blanket so we will continue to work on this on Saturday's in April.  So you can still join in. 

See you this weekend!

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scrumdidlyump said...

I have always thought, since living in Japan, when I settle down, I am going to have tatami in my house. Love the socks!