Friday, January 8, 2010

Sunday in the Store Free Workshop

Nora taught me a new word yesterday... GLITTENS.  that is what the kids are calling the flip top mittens.  I don't think it's crucial that the hand warmer have fingers but it helps.  So I went surfing for a pattern today.  Yea, I could have just started knitting but Cole is under the weather so I need something that I can make two that match easy without having to do any math, writing or etc.

So sundays class is GLITTENS by debbie bliss.  A free pattern from Interweave Knits available here.  The class will be free on Sunday with purchase of materials.  You'll need US 7 and 8 straight needles.  Any worsted weight yarn in the store can be used.. I do have Debbie Bliss Cashmere which will be 20% off on Sunday too just for the class! 

Here are the details:
Sunday from 1-3 pm
Free workshop with purchase of materials
learn how to knit GLITTENS and how to make a bobble and duplicate stitch a motif on the front.

Some other mittens/glove/glitten books that might be fun to read. 


Lauren Ashley said...

I want to come! But the pattern looks a little intimidating for just a pair of hand warmers!

Marie from Stitch DC said...

That's why I work it up in the class to help you with the pattern. I can also recommend some other options. Hope to see you on Sunday.