Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Modern Granny Square Blanket

Granny Square just sounds old. For some, it conjures memories of acrylic yarns and scratchy afghans. But I love a simple granny square. It's a very soothing stitch pattern of 3 double crochets and chain stitches. Change the yarn and suddenly, the granny square is hip.

Earlier this week, a customer came in and we matched 4 colors of Blue Sky Dyed Cotton. The colors just looked beautiful together. I thought about those 4 shades and wondered how I could expand the color palette. Here are my colors. Orange, Yellow, Pink, Drift (cream), various blues and a couples of greens.

Starting with orange and my handy I crochet hook, I started my granny square blanket. 2 rounds (are they rounds if we are making squares? a question for all you crocheters) of each color and I plan to make at least two repeats of all the colors. My gauge is about 1" to every double crochet.

Here is the start of my blanket. I hope to have this finished by the Weekend. Some of you previewed the blanket at late night tonight.

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