Friday, August 14, 2009

8 things I love about Karabella Aurora 8

The rumors are true.... Karabella Aurora 8 arrived today. So here is my 8 favorite facts/tips about aurora 8.

1. Fantastic color range including my favorites... 138 (not gray, not brown, but very heathered); 11 (jess's signature color); 1555 (periwinkle)

2. It's irrestringable... in other words it's machine washable.

3. perfect stitch definition. I almost don't mind knitting miles of stockinette stitch in it. But even better is how cables and lace look.

4. 100% merino wool. soft and springy

5. Arthur, the owner of Karabella Yarns, sounds just like my brother on the phone.

6. the first yarn I ordered 5 years ago when I opened the store. It's still in the top 5 yarns at Stitch DC

7. a great price for 98 yards of worsted merino wool... $8.50

8. restocked and ready for your fall knitting projects... including some of these favorites... Fetching and Backyard Leaves.

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