Friday, May 15, 2009

Free Classes this weekend

Let's Crochet together... This weekend, our free classes will focus on crocheting techniques. These projects are easy and any beginner can do it. If you are a true beginner you might try this cute kerchief.
Wanna try something a bit more adventurous but still easy, how about my new Crochet Design -- Spring Bolero. I originally made this thinking it would be a shawl but I wear sweaters more than I wear shawls so I made it into a small vesty, bolero. Using Elizabeth Zimmerman's EPS concepts, I just did it in crochet. I will release the pattern tomorrow at class. Come on by and try it out. I'm making a second for the store with the new Blue Sky worsted Cotton.

Saturday from 1-3 pm
Sunday from 12 -1:45
As always, these classes are free with the purchase of materials from the store. Thanks again for your continued support!

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