Friday, September 19, 2008

Feels like Fall... Things to do this weekend

Lots of classes this weekend at Stitch DC. Our Craft Along classes are free. Classes are a great way to learn a new technique and meet other crafters. Hope to see you this weekend!

Saturday At Capitol Hill....
1. Our ongoing Mitten Along -- Join in or come share your progress. Capitol Hill / Saturday from 1-3
2. Ongoing Cable Along -- such as success last week, never cabled this is the class for you. A very fast scarf and we are completely restocked with Cascade Magnum. Capitol Hill / Saturday from 2-4
3. Class #2 of the Hemlock Blanket -- Rachel will help you grow your doily into a beautiful blanket.

Saturday at Georgetown
There are still a few slots in the Fair Isle Class.

Sunday at Capitol Hill
Our fabulous Blanket Along class. Another month, another swatch. Still working on the pattern so you'll have to come to the class to see the final piece. It's free and you can join anytime. This started out at 2008 Blanket Along. After many requests, I'll probably extend the class into 2009 too. So it's never to late to start. Capitol Hill / Sunday / 2-4:30

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scarf tying said...

Yes, it really feels like autumn. My friends and I have already planned out a fun scarf tying session. I am so excited!  I hope you do have fun too.