Friday, August 1, 2008

Vogue Knitting Mitten Along

There is always room for a new one project...Especially if it's mittens.

The woman who taught me to knit at Girl Scout so many years ago also knit mittens. The first brisk Fall day, she would show up at school with handknit mittens for the entire class (Her youngest son was in class from 1st to 8th grades). So in honor of Mrs. Hunter, let's knit mittens.

As I stated yesterday, I want to knit these mittens. And it looks like some of you do too. So, how about we start our knit along on the 16th of August at Capitol Hill from 1-3pm . I'm using O-wool 2ply for mine. I've started to swatch -- sorry no photo to share.

If you want to join, just pick up the materials at Stitch DC and mention this blogpost to receive 10% off your purchase. You'll need to also buy the pattern -- we have copies at both stores but they go fast. The knitalong is FREE, I just ask that you support the store with your yarn and tools purchase. If you want to knit other mittens, just bring the pattern, we'll help you find the right yarn and needles. All are welcome!

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