Friday, August 15, 2008

Events at Stitch DC... and the sale continues....

The sale continues... if Michael Phelps can keep getting the golds, we can continue our sale! See the previous blog for more details about the sale.

Classes this weekend...
Capitol Hill Saturday from 1-3 pm. Join our mitten along. Learn how to knit mittens. We have tons of patterns to choose from. I'm working on the Jared Flood pattern on the cover of Vogue but we have other simplier patterns too.

EDITED: THE BLANKET CLASS IS August 24th at Capitol Hill Sunday from 2-4:30 pm -- August's Installment of the FREE Blanket Craftalong.
More Fall classes from beginners to Advanced will be posted this week too!

Also, we just got some new yarns in....
Cascade Eco Wool... great yardage in a true worsted yarn. You might try the Hemlock Ring Shawl with just 2 skeins!

Taos from Crystal Palace100% striated dyed wool / 128 yrd of worsted weight yarn. Great for felting! How about the Button Hole Bag as a quick knitted gift. Knit a couple, felt them and set them aside as gifts for the Holidays!

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