Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fair Isle Along at Stitch DC Capitol Hill

A few crafters from Capitol Hill's Late night have convinced me to do a fair Isle Knit along in the store.... Some brave crafters wanted to learn fair isle knitting, knitting in the round, perhaps continental knitting (either way is okay with me) and steeking. This will be a 2 month class starting the second week of June (Sundays -- i think)(free as long as project materials are bought in the store). We will meet bi-weekly to answer questions and keep pace with our Stitch DC custom fair isle sweater.

For the class, I'm designing with Tilli Tomas Milan yarns (a yummy blend of silk, cashmere and merino -- wonderful fibers!) a custom tunic length Fair Isle yoke sweater. The great part of the sweater is that the fair isle sections are working in a multi-hued yarn. Some lucky late nighters got to preview a baby version of the sweater.

If you are interested please contact me about the yarn selection -- we will be working with Tilli Tomas Milan-- a solid and a multi. I've place my initial order of Milan and can order more.

Note -- this is not the only class for the season. I'm busy working out the rest of the schedule but

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