Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday discounts at Chevy Chase

As promised more great deals at Chevy Chase this week... The sale starts on Thursdays. Enjoy the sale as long as the yarn lasts....

This week:
Mondial Ethnico -- Original $11... now $5.00
Fiber: 55% Merino Wool, 45% Acrylic Yardage: 50 Stitches: 2.5 Needle size: 13

Mondial Quark: Original $11 ... now $5.00
Chunky, fluffy yarn that would make a great scarf or shawl or add it to a simple sweater pattern as wow! wow! trim.

Mondial Astro: Original $11 ... now $5.00
This chunky boucle would make a wonderful entrelac scarf. Also, one colorway is all cream and I covet it for a easy lap throw.

Classic Elite Allure -- Original price: $25.50... now $12.75
25% cashmere, 25% angora, 50% very fine merino equals 100% yummy knitting
Here is a simple free pattern from Classic Elite that would be lovely knit in Allure. Knit it now and bank it as a holiday gift. Start now and enjoy your holidays!

The Chevy Chase store is located at 5520 Connecticut Avenue inside the newly renovated Chevy Chase Arcade. Phone: 202.237.8306.

The fine print...the sale is at Chevy Chase only. Pre-paid items can be held. All sale items are final sales.

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