Thursday, February 21, 2008

Look all around, there’s nothin’ but blue skies

Blue Sky yarns have arrived in Stitch DC Georgetown. Mr. Ups brought us the new Skinny Cotton. I planning to knit it as I drink my Starbucks Skinny Latte. Jess is eyeing the pretty color zinc -- somewhere between mauve and grey -- subtle and cool!. Each skein contains 150 yds. Suggested needles are 3-5 US to get 5-6 stitches per inch. We're working up some free patterns that we'll share soon with this yarn.
Next up is Blue Sky Organic and Dyed Cottons. We've restocked the best selling colors and picked out a few new ones that will be sure to please. As you may know, this is one of my favorite yarns for babies. You can knit a sweater, blanket, or hat for someone special and then throw it in the washer.

Speaking of baby sweaters. I grabbed 2 or 3 skeins of this Perfect Green to make a quick sweater for Cole.
Stop in tonight to Stitch DC Georgetown Thursday Late Night to fondle the new cottons. And I'll be sure to share my new Easy Baby Sweater Pattern in the next week.

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