Friday, February 1, 2008

Amazing Edythe

I decided to start this blog because of the daily inspiration I gain from guests and friends of Stitch DC. Crafters who pick out yarn and create, really create, wearable art. Edythe Ferguson is such as friend. She is always working on something amazing. This is her Noro Skirt. She knit alternating strips of Noro silk garden, Noro kureyon and Karabella Kid Mohair. Then she recycled an old denim skirt by cutting it and sewing the knitted strips to the skirt. She trimmed it off with a beautiful ribbon.
Thank you Edythe. Thank you to all the crafty people who have walked thru the doors at Stitch DC. On this blog, I will continue to share more projects from Stitch DC friends and staff. So please, come and show off your creations. Look to this blog for fiber inspiration in free patterns, customer creations, staff projects or just to view the beautiful new yarns that arrive in the stores.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for fixing it so I can comment away! I'm so glad that you, the goddess of DC knitting, has started a blog. Now I have no reason not to stay informed of the Stitch DC news. Is podcasting next?

cici said...

Welcome to blog world... where your life will never be the same.. Thanks so much for your shop and providing a place for all of us crazy knitters. Looking forward to more inspirations.

Barbara deG said...

Like Cici I want to say welcome to blogging. I love Edythe's creation. It seems blogging is replacing posting on listservs.